Witam, mowimy po polsku.

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    A collapsible flirter po polsku comprising a collapsible deck and a collapsible support structure The retractable assembly has a raised orientation for deploying the retractable assembly and a lowered orientation for retracting the retractable assembly. The retractable transparent screen is retractably mounted to the space frame.

    The frame member may be retractable such that when in an extended position, the user can access the keyboard Said flap can be retractable. A pop up prism camera 10 having a pop up prism lens assembly The stowable table includes a plate The invention relates to a convertible roof for a vehicle.

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    The invention concerns a vehicle folding top. The invention is applicable to retractable street furniture. In some implementations, the collapsible device can include a collapsible frame and at least one flexible material component that can be reversibly secured to the collapsible frame In the manufacturing method of the roller screen, a master roller screen is manufactured by using a base and then a roller screen is manufactured by growing nickel layers on a framework of the master roller screen in an electroforming bath.

    The present invention relates to a flirter po polsku bowl for instant noodles, and more particularly, to a foldable bowl which can be folded together with its contents. The second portion of the second collapsible arm may extend distally beyond the flirter po polsku portion of the second collapsible arm.

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